Love this app and have been using this for several years. It works wonders!

Josiah K.

Perfect for quick referencing offsets and saddle's. Better than a couple of the paid apps for quick calculations.

John B.

Good simple calculations. Makes life easier and prevents math errors.

Phillip J.

This app works great and is very accurate. Have been using it for almost 2 years now.

Jane R

I love it. It helps so much to know where things need to go. It's nice to have our team on the same page.

Anzi R.

Im a 20+ year electrician. This is a great app for beginners and for quick figures.

Philip E.

Opens fast, doesn’t lag and never crashes!

The free Electrical Conduit Bender app is intentionally designed to take up very little memory and to minimize battery usage.


Happy Users


Bends Per Month

This is the most lightweight app available for conduit bending, and is designed for electricians who want an app strictly for quick reference when making saddles and offsets.


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